Urine Scald: A Symptom of a Greater Problem

by Dana Krempels, Ph.D.
University of Miami Biology Department
House Rabbit Society of Miami

A rabbit suffering from urinary tract problems may experience loss of fur in the genital region and hindquarters. The baldness and red, irritated skin are caused by "urine scald," and it can happen to any bunny whose urine soaks into the fur around her vent and is in constant contact with her delicate skin.

There are many possible reasons for a rabbit to dribble urine and/or sit in urine, and the only way to know for sure is have your rabbit completely examined by a veterinarian experienced in rabbit medicine.

Some possible causes of urinary incontinence (and hence, urine scald) to consider are the following.

Bladder sludge

Bladder stone (urolith)

Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Arthritis of the spine or pelvis Rear limb/pelvic paresis

Uterine cancer

Incontinence due to hormone imbalance While your veterinarian is performing diagnostic tests to determine the reason for your rabbit's urine scald, your job will be to keep her comfortable, clean and dry. You can do this by giving her regular "butt baths" when she is soiled (follow the link for instructions), and by administering analgesia (e.g., Banamine) as per your veterinarian's instructions.

The Color of Urine
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