Fly with Your Companion Rabbit

Rabbits are the third most popular mammalian pet in the U.S., and many households consider their bunnies to be members of the family. But when it comes time to plan air travel with the family lagomorph, it's not easy to find airlines that allow rabbits in the passenger cabin, which is the only truly safe way to fly with your companion rabbit.

A few enlightened airline companies do allow rabbits (and other pets) in the passenger cabin, as long as they are in an appropriate, under-seat carrier.

Book your flights with these carriers, and let them know why. And don't be shy about letting their competitors know why they lost your business.

  • Delta Airlines

  • Frontier Airlines

  • United Airlines

  • WestJet

    For a complete listing of all airlines' pet policies, visit Petfriendly Travel

    Help Us Change Policies of Rabbit-Unfriendly Airlines

    Most airlines don't allow rabbits in the cabin, though they will allow dogs, cats, and even birds, all of which are louder and stinkier than rabbits. This just doesn't make sense.

    Excuses we've heard from the airlines range from the monumentally incorrect ("Rabbits are smelly") to the downright ridiculous ("If it got loose, it could chew through vital wires and cause a crash!").

    This has to change. Rabbits are quieter and cleaner than cats or dogs, and even more susceptible than cats or dogs to extremes of temperature and loud noises. Let the airlines know that rabbits are as safe or safer for air travel than "traditional" family pets.

    Some of the more popular carriers that don't allow rabbits in the cabin are listed here. Use the Customer Feedback links below to send an email (politely) expressing your disapproval of their "No Rabbits in the Passenger Cabin" rules.

    American Airlines Customer Relations

    Air Canada Customer Feedback

    Alaska Airlines Consumer Relations

    Jet Blue Customer Feedback

    Southwest Airlines Customer Feedback

    US Airways Customer Relations

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